Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Guy...And Other TV Shows

It seems like on prime time TV, we have millions of choices, too many choices in my opinion, of what to watch in our evenings. I've often spent hours flipping through channels without ever really watching anything at all! I think that I've seen just about ever show out there, The Simpson's, That 70's Show, Futurama and Family Guy have all occupied my evenings at one time or another.

Although most of us are content just to sit and watch whatever the gods of local programming deem it fit to put in front of us, I decided to collect a bit of information about these shows that my children and I both watch together. I figured that as a mother, I should probably be informed about what we are watching and who put it together, because after all, watching TV is like letting someone into your living room, right? Add to that the fact that we can easily also watch Family Guy online, as well as most other TV shows.  In fact, my kids kids love to watch Family guy online, which thus prompted this article!

Family Guy first aired on the Fox network in 1999 and the first run of the show went until 2002. After a short break, Family Guy was back on the air in 2005 in its current revised form and is still a major Fox hit that families every where watch. 

During its debut, Family Guy shocked the world of viewers even more than Bart ever could have, with its adult content and baby in diapers. As the show struggled to find a good time slot and battled other top hits like  Survivor, Fox shifted it around, changing the times and days that the show aired until it was canceled in 2002.

Interestingly enough, the show REALLY took off after it was gone. Fox sold the show to the Cartoon Network and re-runs started in 2003. Instantly, it was a hit. The first 2 seasons were released on DVD and sold an amazing 400,000 disc sets the first month, making it the 2nd best selling TV DVD set of all time.

Family Guy has a whopping 13 nominations for an Emmy under its belt and they've taken home the Emmy 4 times in all and if you watch Family Guy online, you'll quickly see why. What I've really found interesting is that the show never really found its groove and niche of loyal viewers until after its initial run was done. It seems viewers truly want what they can't have, as shown by the incredible amount of Family Guy download on the Internet and the crazy amount of you tube views of people that watch Family Guy online.

I'm sure loyal Family Guy viewers have heard the rumors for several years about a Family Guy Movie supposedly in the works, and for you, I've confirmed that Seth MacFarlane officially confirmed on November 30, 2012 that a movie deal has been worked out and we will soon be seeing a 10 foot size Stewie on the big screen sometime next year.

I found a great place to watch family guy online called WatchFamilyGuyHQ, they let you watch all the episodes from any country with no charges or limitations... So, in preparation for this big event, we plan on a marathon "Watch Family Guy Online All Night," right before we catch a midnight showing of the upcoming movie!

Some funny Family Guy related images I found!

Haha, I thought these were pretty funny so I posted them up here!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to my Family Guy Blog

Hello everyone, welcome to my new Family Guy blog. Here you will find all the latest news and buzz about Family Guy. As you can tell I am a absolute fan of Family Guy and anything related!

Please stay tuned for some proper posts soon.